Hot water servicing

Dealing with cold showers in the morning? Boiling water in the kettle for your dishes? Hot water is essential! That is why high-quality hot water servicing and repairs are essential too.

At AC Drainers, we are the experts in hot water installation, repairs, and servicing. We work with all kinds of systems, from solar, to gas, to electric. If you need hot water services Melbourne, AC Drainers are the team to call!


Looking for a new hot water system for your home?

If your hot water system is damaged, leaking, or just not up to the job, it is time to talk to the team at AC Drainers. Because our plumbers are all qualified and highly experienced, we can advise you on the perfect hot water solution for your home – and install it too!

As hot water systems age, they become less effective and drive up your bills. Let us inspect your system and see if we can save you money by installing a replacement. We supply all good quality hot water systems from leading brands, so call us today for hot water system installation Melbourne.


Is a broken hot water system making life a hassle?

At AC Drainers, we know having no hot water is a household emergency. Our team will be there fast to fix the issue – so you can get back to enjoying life.

Because all our team have years of experience working with hot water systems, our customers trust us to save them money and time. We work with gas, electric and solar hot water heaters, and know all the ins-and-outs of every system.

You do not have time to waste with inexperienced technicians – call AC Drainers for hot water repairs Melbourne.


Did you know you should get your hot water system serviced regularly?

Although some homeowners neglect this task, getting your system serviced every five years is crucial to extending the lifespan of your system and can save you hundreds of dollars in repairs.

Our qualified AC Drainers team can inspect the system, replace worn-out pressure and temperature valves, clean the pilot and burner, and perform any other maintenance as required. We guarantee a job done well, so call us for your regular hot water system servicing Melbourne.

Want the best for your home at the most affordable price? It is time to call AC Drainers – the experts in hot water services Melbourne. Contact our team today on 0401 129 294.