Who wants to take a shower when you’re ankle-deep in your own filth? Who wants to shave when the sink leaves the beard hairs around the bowl? In short, few things are more annoying than a blocked drain.

Do you not know how to unblock a drain? Whether it’s the sink or the tub, the good news is that anyone can learn to unblock drains.
When it comes to declogging your drain, keep reading for the only guide you’ll ever need.

Use a Plunger

The easiest blockages can be handled with a simple plunger. This old-fashioned tool is great to have around for a quick fix. By forcing air down the drain, the blockage can be taken care of through sheer force.

However, using a plunger can be a workout and it won’t do much good against more serious blockages.

Try Boiling Water

Boiling water can actually be an effective drainage unblocker. However, it’s important to use caution so that you don’t burn yourself or someone nearby.
If that doesn’t do the trick, then you can try pouring in a half cup of salt, then half a cup of sodium bicarbonate, then a cup of vinegar, and finally a cup of hot water.

Like with a plunger, this method can only do so much. When it comes to clearing blocked drains, professionals can make sure the job is done quickly and with expertise.

Pour in a Chemical Solution

Caustic soda or hydrochloric acid are two chemical solutions that are often used to unblock drainage throughout the house. Be mindful that these chemicals are more dangerous to deal with than the more natural method of using hot water.

After you have your chemical solution, you’ll need to pour it down the drain and then wait for about half an hour. Afterward, you’ll need to put some cold water down the drain.

It’s extremely important not to use hot water with this approach because this could cause the chemicals to spurt upward. In fact, you should wear a facemask and gloves while you attempt to unclog your drain with a chemical solution.

Call a Professional

Instead of dealing with boiling water or toxic chemicals, a professional can handle the problem with care and ease. This will free your time up so that you can focus on other chores while remaining safe.

Most plumber businesses are quite reasonable with the fees they charge. It’s truly worth the convenience and professionalism.

Now You Know How to Unblock a Drain

The next time someone asks you how to unblock a drain, you can tell them all about it. You and your loved ones can rest easy knowing that the horrible days of clogged drains are long gone.

Are you dealing with blocked drains that won’t respond to your efforts? Our experienced plumbers can handle any problem with expertise and speed. From drain unblocking to hot water service and more, we can do it all.

If you have any questions about our high-quality services, feel free to contact us. We’re always happy to help out.


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April 2020


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